The Messed Up Church
The Messed Up Church

Here are some great video channels to visit; in no particular order. No, we don’t all endorse every single thing, said by every single person, but there is a TON of good stuff here:

Fighting for the Faith YouTube channel. (This is the channel featuring Chris Rosebrough with occasional guests, including some of the M.U.C. contributors)

The Messed Up Church/Steven Kozar YouTube channel. (This is the channel that Steve Kozar started when he originally started the Messed Up Church blog; it now has an interesting mixture of video and podcast content from Steve and various other sources, including sermons from Steve’s own pastor. Be sure to check out all of the playlists, too!)

Bezel T3 YouTube channel. (This is the channel from M.U.C. contributor, Brian Zagnoli)

Heterodox Research Initiative/Is Not Satire YouTube channel. (This is the channel from our good friend, Chris Rice)

Popular Gospel YouTube channel. (This is the channel from M.U.C. contributor and “American Gospel” filmmaker, Brandon Kimber)

Wretched TV-Radio YouTube channel (This is a very popular channel from Todd Friel, who covers a lot of similar content as the M.U.C.)

Tim Challies YouTube channel (Tim is a solid and popular blogger, who also produces some really helpful video content)

Lutheran Satire YouTube channel (This is a hilarious, witty and outrageous teaching resource from Pastor Hans Fiene)

Critical Issues Commentary YouTube channel (This channel features a lot of great teaching and preaching videos, largely from Bob DeWaay)

Ryan Reeves History channel (“Historical Theology for Everyone” is how Professor Reeves describes this amazing free resource. If you’re clueless about church history and/or theology, this will really help fix your problem!)