The Messed Up Church
The Messed Up Church

This is the User’s Guide to the Messed Up Church website; to get the most out of your visit here, read on!

You get to the heart of this website by clicking the words “Messed Up Church” in the top/middle, or you can click “BLOG” in the upper left-it’s the same thing. Once you’re there, notice that each post has “tags” (words) above the title; click on that word or phrase and you’ll find more content on that topic. Notice that the home page is done in a blog format where articles, podcasts and videos are all being posted together, but there are sections (under “Resources”) just for podcasts and videos, if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for a ton of resources on a single teacher or a topic, you’ve gotta check out the “Cornucopia” articles-there’s nothing else like them on the internet!


Now let’s get to a bunch of commonly asked questions and comments:

The following articles will answer most of the questions and concerns that most people have; so before you jump to conclusions or repeat an Evangelical catchphrase, start reading!

Read First-Bullet Points (This is a quick summary of many of the foundational ideas and misunderstandings that you probably should read first.)

Defusing Demonic Dirty Bombs (Do you think we’re all a “bunch of Pharisees” and we have a “religious spirit?” Do you think we’re “too judgmental?” Are you afraid of “touching God’s Anointed?” Before you repeat another bad idea that you heard from somebody else, please check out this article. Don’t get fooled again!)

The Most Frequently Abused and Misused Bible Verses (The Bible is truly God’s Word, but not when it gets twisted!)

Shocking Stuff You’re Not Supposed to Know! (These are some of the Bible passages that you probably don’t know about because you’ve been hearing the passages in the previous article twisted most of the time.)

A Biblical Guide to the Prosperity Gospel. (If you’ve been taught that God wants to “make your dreams come true” or that Jesus was a rich man, you really need to read this.)

It Can't Be Whatever We Want It to Be: Tips on Interpreting the Bible Correctly. (*Under Construction* If you’ve heard a Bible passage taught a bunch of different ways and wondered which interpretation is correct, this will help you a lot!)

“Bible-Believing” Christian? (You won’t believe how many things being taught in the modern evangelical church cannot be found in the Bible!)

Check out ALL of these great articles from contributor, Rick Becker:

Seven Effects of False Teachings

Ten Ways to Identify False Teachings

Ten Ways False Teachers Ensnare People

Invalid Reasons to Stay in a Church You Know Teaches False Doctrine

Ten Invalid Arguments in Defense of False Teachers

Taken Captive by False Teachers and False Doctrines-Ten Signs

Here are some more unique articles that will help you think about the Messed Up Church:

A Parable About Ignorance in the Church (And Some Solutions)

Confirmation Bias: Why You are Protecting Your False Beliefs

Assertions and Assumptions are NOT the Foundation of the Church

Cognitive Dissonance and the Silly Putty Jesus

The Gigantic Problem Beneath the Really Big Problem

The Hyper-Charismatic House of Cards: Let It Fall and Be Free

“Not Feeling It”-The Gospel for Everyone Else

When Did the Church Turn Into Amway?

Have you had enough of the false teachers and unbiblical nonsense? Read this and pass it around:

The Manifesto of Christian Discernment