The Messed Up Church
The Messed Up Church

Here are the various websites from our own contributors:

828 Ministries

Berean Research

Berean Examiner

Armchair Theologian

Long for Truth

Faithful Stewardship

In Layman’s Terms Podcast

Famine In The Land

OutBack Berean

The Museum of Idolatry

Here are some other websites that deal with similar issues and concerns as we do, namely “discernment” and “watchman” focused websites:

Pirate Christian Media-Fighting for the Faith (Pastor Chris Rosebrough is one of the most effective “fighters for the faith” on the internet today. Check out his podcast, YouTube channel and extensive website.)

ChurchWatch Central (Our friends based in Australia dare to fight many of the biggest names in the Apostate church around the world, utilizing the most extensive research of just about anyone on the internet.)

Berean Advisory from ChurchWatch Central (there are many good websites listed here, there is also has a “Hall of Shame” to avoid)

The Heterodox Research Initiative (From “Is Not Satire” creator, Chris Rice.)

Critical Issues Commentary (Extensive website with some of the very best discernment articles on the internet, from expert Bible teacher, Bob DeWaay)

Apostasy Watch (Ongoing coverage of what’s going on in the Apostate church around the world, from Steve Lumbly.)

For The Gospel (The online resource ministry of Costi W. Hinn)

Spirit of Error (Spirit of Error is the website for author and NAR expert, Holly Pivec)

Justin Peters Ministries (Justin Peters is a terrific teacher who is most known for exposing the false doctrine within the Word of Faith movement)

Cultwatch (Great place to learn more about cults.)

Spiritual Research Network (Description from their home page: “Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment”)

Bethel Sozo Research (Entire website dedicated to refuted the theology and practises of Bethel, Redding, and it’s “Sozo” ministry.)

Christian Answers for the New Age (Former New Ager, Marcia Montenegro, has a huge catalog of articles and research concerning the New Age movement.)

Discernment Ministries International (Former Word of Faith advocate, Rev. Bob Liichow, has a tremendous amount of useful information about the Word of Faith/Charismatic world.)

Here are some other really helpful websites:

Issues, Etc. (This is the excellent Lutheran podcast/radio program with the slogan: “Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio for the Thinking Christian.” Think of a Christian version of NPR.)

The White Horse Inn (This website/radio show/organization is, in some ways, a more professional version of the Messed Up Church, with highly trained professors and pastors, and it serves as a model for what we are trying to accomplish.)

Core Christianity (This is a project from the people at the White Horse Inn, aimed at teaching core Christian principles from a Reformation-focused standpoint.)

Understand Christianity (This is a great teaching website with lots of interesting visuals, from a Confessional Lutheran point of view.)

Ligonier Ministries (This is the website for the Reformed Presbyterian-focused ministry started by R. C. Sproul; it is full of many good resources.)

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (There are a ton of good articles and resources here. Here’s their description: The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is a broad coalition of evangelical pastors, scholars, and churchmen from various denominations, including Baptist, Congregational (Independent), Anglican (Episcopal), Presbyterian, Reformed, and Lutheran who hold the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed faith and who proclaim biblical doctrine in order to foster a Reformed awakening in today's Church.)