Dr. Michael Brown, Stephen Strang & James Robison: The Charismatic Mob Defending Kenneth Copeland

Dr. Michael Brown, Stephen Strang & James Robison: The Charismatic Mob Defending Kenneth Copeland

Recently, Inside Edition did the thing that real Christians should have done decades ago: They exposed the money-grubbing false teacher Kenneth Copeland (and his buddy Jesse Duplantis) once and for all.

Now that the entire world has watched for themselves the embarrassing episode exposing Copeland and his prosperity pimp cohort, Jesse Duplantis, the Evangelical Industrial Complex-Charismatic Word of Faith Division has begun to enact their false teacher protection plan.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Michael Brown maintained his leadership role as Apostle of Obfuscation and Gatekeeper of False Teachers.

Here’s a really shocking video that shows Dr. Brown to be a master of doublespeak who can’t say anything for sure about Prosperity Kingpin, Kenneth Copeland:

Dr. Michael Brown refuses to look at the heretical teaching of Kenneth Copeland and compare it to scripture, instead he prefers to ask his friends for their opinion on Copeland and simply trust the generic “statement of faith” from Copeland’s website. Here’s a recent screenshot showing how Dr. Brown regards Prosperity Preacher, Kenneth Copeland, as a “brother:”


Now here’s an editorial from Charisma Publisher, Stephen Strang: Why I Applaud Kenneth Copeland's Handling of Inside Edition's Ambush Interview

And here’s an article from James Robison that uses the same “poor Kenneth Copeland got ambushed” template as Strang: My Response to the Media Ambush of Our Brother in Christ, Minister Kenneth Copeland

I thought Kenneth Copeland was supposed to be a “Mighty Man of God?” Why did he fail miserably at answering a few questions by a reporter who was simply doing her job? And why are these Charismatic Media Mouthpieces all trying desperately to put Humpty Dumpty Copeland back together again?

Here’s my guess: These men are part of a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” club, and Kenneth Copeland just got exposed for being the creepy, manipulative and duplicitous man that he is. If the gullible followers of Kenneth Copeland start to catch on that all of these Word of Faith Prosperity Preachers are greedy frauds there’s no way of knowing how many more of them will be exposed. These guys are not about to go out and get real jobs!

These men must band together and protect their fraudulent comrade, especially since he’s the oldest, richest and most powerful one of them all.


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