Church, Race, and Cultural Marxism

Church, Race, and Cultural Marxism
Deconstruction never had meaning or interest at least in my eyes than radicalization; that is to say also within the tradition of a certain Marxism; in a certain spirit of Marxism.
— Jaques Derrida

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When I was at The Claremont School of Theology, one tactic we used to conceal our cultural Marxist agenda was "deception in the name of Justice". We weren't wearing tee shirts that said, "I'm really a Marxist", albeit some did don the ever popular Che Guevara garb in order to signal virtue. Most often, this took the form of redefining the terms of the debate to suit our needs. Sometimes, it took the form of disguising our efforts to put strains on the "status quo"/ "the system" with a thick veneer of compassion for the marginalized. Sadly, most in the Church using the tactics of cultural Marxism have bought into these lies - completely unawares of the end game.

Jon Harris of the "Conversations That Matter" podcast and I discuss this and how this endangers true, biblical justice.

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