Benny Hinn: Pretending to Change His False "Seed Offering" Sales Pitch

Benny Hinn: Pretending to Change His False "Seed Offering" Sales Pitch

Recently Benny Hinn made another public statement where he said he was changing his ways and he would stop preaching the message that people should “sow a seed offering” in order to get more money from God… and then he went ahead and continued teaching that people should “sow a seed offering” and send money to him so they could get money from God in a even more recent video that was taken off the internet about 12 hours after this Messed Up Church article/video was posted. There were a number of other people pointing to the obvious flip-flop between the videos, too, so it appears that somebody at Benny Hinn Ministries got word of our mutual criticism.

Check out the following video and watch Benny flip-flop faster than pancakes on a hot griddle. Also notice how Benny makes himself the brave hero of the story and shows no remorse for the tens of millions of dollars he’s taken from people around the world after decades of false teaching-he actually gets the people cheering for him! Does that sound like true repentance?


If you go to just about any of Benny Hinn’s videos and scroll to the last few minutes of the show and you’ll hear the same pleas for “seed money” or something to that effect. If Benny Hinn has really changed he will remove ALL of these videos. His entire ministry is founded upon collecting “seed money” from his audience.

Say it with me:



Here’s a follow-up video from Sept. 9th:

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Benny Hinn probably doesn’t want you to read the following:

A Biblical Guide to the Prosperity Gospel

Btw, Benny Hinn pulled this same stunt in 2018.

But wait! Hinn was doing the “I’m changing my ways” trick way back in 1993!! The Reformation of Benny Hinn-The Sun Sentinel

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Here’s an article from The Trinity Foundation about this topic: Has Televangelist Benny Hinn repented from the prosperity gospel? We’ve seen this movie before.

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Here is a whole PLAYLIST of videos exposing the false teaching of Benny Hinn.

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