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The Messed Up Church

“The Messed Up Church” Relaunch Ideas

(I'm leaving for Bible study/choir practice soon...)

I'll use the Christ Hold Fast website as a reference:

Top banner thing across the top has words with drop down thing under them in upper left. Instead of "Resouces" "About" I want the first word to be "About" and then "Resources." 

The next word should be "What the??" and then "Foundations"...

About     Resources     What the??    Foundations  (That's the upper left part of the top banner)

In the center should be "The Messed Up Church" (obviously) and we can just have it in bold type for now (no logo yet)

Under "About" should be drop down words: What Is This All About?

  • Contributors 

  • Contact

  • How to best use: The Messed Up Church 

Under "Resources" should be drop down words: Cornucopias

  • Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Suggested Websites

The right side of the top banner could just have that search thing, maybe (like CHF)?

Looking at the Tudor template I see that it's slightly different than CHF, so you can use your own judgment about how to implement these categories. 

Under "What the??" you can do nothing for now...

Under "Foundations" you can do nothing for now...

My goal is for this website to be a place to get tons of research from one trusted location. I’d like to tone down the snarky stuff (a bit) in order to draw more of an audience, since many confused evangelicals who’ve been burned are hesitant to trust anyone.

Core purposes:
•expose and explain false teaching in the church; primarily in three broad (and often overlapping) categories:
1)The NAR/Hyper-Charismatic category
2)The Seeker-Friendly/Mega Church/Attractional category
3)The Postmodern/Emergent/Progressive/Whatever It’s Called This Week category
•expose unbiblical assumptions that obscure false teaching in the church
•answer common questions in a series of clearly organized posts, charts and articles
•explain historical Protestant/(true)Evangelical/Lutheran/Reformation theology: Law Gospel distinction; The three (or five) Solas; Theology of the cross vs Theology of glory; substitutionary atonement and original sin; Christ-centered hermeneutics; Bible-based theology vs experiential-based theology; Church as God’s Institution vs Revivalism; The Gospel of unmerited forgiveness in Christ vs the Gospel of Do More and Try Harder; The Gospel as God’s message vs We Become The Gospel by our Good Behavior
•foster interest and passion in sound theology, especially in laypeople (maybe ALL contributors would be laypeople?)
•provide exposure to other writers, theologians, pastors, teachers and resources
•give other laypeople ideas, teaching and guidelines to go out and start their own websites, YouTube channels and/or podcasts. Encourage a grassroots approach, like how the early printing press helped the Reformation.
•The White Horse Inn is a great example of vigorous discourse set against the Pop Evangelical world that comes from a broad Reformation/Lutheran/Presbyterian/Reformed Baptist viewpoint.

Small team of contributors who:
•write articles,
•make videos,
•make podcasts,
•research and find material to help the writers and/or video/podcast makers
•graphic artist/website expert to make title pages, find suitable photos/graphics and make it look good. (This would be really nice, but it’s not a necessity)

Topics/Issues we will NOT cover:
Calvinism vs Arminianism.
“Once Saved Always Saved.”
Dispensationalism/End Times scenarios.
Infant Baptism vs Believer’s Baptism.
Lutheran view of Sacraments vs other Reformed views of Sacraments.
Cessationism vs Continuationism (this is tricky, but most Evangelicals are not yet ready to think this issue through, so I would like to focus mostly on where Charismatic practices don’t even agree with the Assemblies of God or obvious Scriptural basics.)
Politics of the day (unless it pertains directly to theological issues in the church; for example a mega pastor makes an unbiblical statement about abortion or gay marriage). This will NOT be a site for “Right Wing” political ranting; but I encourage discussion about things like how Postmodernity sometimes leads to Marxism/social justice in the church, etc.

People I’ve already talked to and want to participate (not a final list):
•Rick Becker from South Africa-Famine in the Land blog
•Chris Rice from Michigan-Is Not Satire and Heterodox Research Initiative blogs, plus YouTube channel
•Matthew Garnett from Indiana-In Layman’s Terms and The Federalist
•Daniel Long from New York-Long for Truth blog & podcast
•Steven Long from North Carolina-Long for Truth blog & podcast
•Barry Bowen from Texas-Founded the website “Christian Headlines” and former blog manager for “Christian Post.” Does financial investigation for the Trinity Foundation and currently writing a book: “What Would Judas Do?” about financial fraud in the church.
•Brandon Kimber-Filmmaker currently working on “American Gospel” production; earlier this year he wrote a guest article on MUC called “The (False) Gospel According to Moana”
•Brian Zagnoli-Creator of Bezel Triple 3 YouTube channel 
•Anthony Andreola-blogger and ex-Seventh Day Adventist, “Armchair Theologian” blog. 

When a contributor writes an article for their own site, they can copy and paste it to MUC, too, with a link back to their own site.

“Cornucopia” would be a top category (other possible names: “False Teaching File Cabinet” “Heresy Binder” “Stack of Stuff” “Catalog of Error”). These articles (the ones I’ve already done) are already showing up at the top of many search engine results, and I want to build on that.

YouTube channel; playlists of other videos and Messed Up Church originals

“Podcast” top category; podcasts would feature interviews with contributors about their recent articles which builds more readership and visa versa. Podcasts can go directly on Messed Up Church, as well as YouTube and iTunes (maybe some other podcast platform).

Cross-platform promotion between all contributors would grow audience; “a rising tide raises all ships” idea.

“Contributors” Page has links to contributors other sites/channels/resources. Each contributor can include links to their favorite sites, which gives a sense of where each contributor is coming from and their particular theological viewpoint.

Steve Kozar will build this site and some (or all) new articles/posts will go to as they currently do.

Simple charts to contrast Protestant/Lutheran/Reformed theology against Pop Evangelical non-theology

Under “About” I want to change “How to best use: The Messed Up Church” into “The User’s Guide to The Messed Up Church” (I had this idea for PCM but we never implemented it)