The Messed Up Church
The Messed Up Church

The following Contributors lend their time, creativity and teaching to this website. We do not all agree on absolutely everything, but we are all in agreement that the modern Evangelical Church has lost touch with it’s Christ-centered origins stemming from the Bible and the Protestant Reformation. These are not full-time professional writers, they’re just “regular” Christians who hope to build up the faith of the saints.

(In alphabetical order)

Rick Becker (South Africa) “Famine in the Land” Blogger.

Rick is a South African residing in Cape Town.  He was baptised as an infant in a Dutch Reformed church, but first heard the gospel in a Methodist church, it was at this point that that he was graciously saved at the age of 13. His family then moved to a Baptist church, which gradually became part of the Charismatic renewal. After two years in the military (during which Rick was baptised again) he spent four years in Bible college, and then a year in missions in Hong Kong. After marrying and settling in Cape Town, Rick accepted a position as an assistant pastor at a small church. Unfortunately the church became influenced by the "Toronto blessing" and other forms of Charismania, which led to his resignation. This was the beginning of a long process of searching the scriptures to find out why he was so uncomfortable with what was happening in the type of churches he once considered home. It was a process that took years (no google or discernment ministries in those days) but as the scales were removed from his eyes, Rick found new freedom in Christ alone, and in the word of context! Rick and his wife have two children, a daughter of 24 and son of 21. Although he has been involved in some forms of ministry he works as an artist and sells his artwork for a living. Many churches in South Africa have come under the spell of the New Apostolic Reformation, and churches such as Bethel and Hillsong have played a huge role in promulgating false doctrines in South Africa. Rick spends his free time warning fellow South Africans of the deception in their churches.

Matthew Garnett (Indiana) “In Layman’s Terms” Podcaster; writer; occasional guest on Fox News.

Matthew Garnett is the host of the In Layman’s Terms podcast and a freelance opinion writer. His publications include essays on race, religion, and politics published in The Federalist, The Lutheran Witness Online, Just and Sinner, Theology Like A Child, and Steadfast Lutherans. The ILT podcast focuses its attention on apologetics, philosophy, religion, and politics as it intersects with American Christianity. Matthew attends Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he works as a long-haul truck driver and lives with his wife Jennifer and their two children Isaac and Amelia. You can follow Matthew on Facebook at or on Twitter @Radiolayman.

Brandon Kimber (Ohio) “American Gospel” Filmmaker. Researcher/writer. His YouTube channel: Popular Gospel.

Brandon Kimber was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is married and has three young children. In his early teenage years he attended a church which was a product of the Toronto Blessing (and even travelled to and experienced Toronto personally). Benny Hinn and other Word of Faith teachers were household names. It was also common in his church to see manifestations such as being “slain in the spirit”, “holy” laughter, and convulsions due to the apparent electrifying work of the Holy Spirit. Brandon’s parents eventually left that movement and church and began attending a Nazarene church. Throughout college, Brandon discovered the true gospel through preaching on the internet, and began to understand the movement that he was raised in. He now attends Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio and is working as a documentary filmmaker for Transition Studios. His film, “American Gospel: Christ Alone” examines the Word of Faith movement, and will be a first in a series of films which will examine and expose counterfeit gospels which are popular in American culture.  

Steven Kozar (Wisconsin) “The Messed Up Church” founder, Curator of the “Museum of Idolatry,” writer/researcher, podcaster.

Steve started the Messed Up Church as a simple blog in 2015; he quickly began blogging alongside Chris Rosebrough at his “Pirate Christian Media” website until early 2019 when he decided to make The Messed Up Church a full-scale website by itself to make all of his writing and research easier to access. In launching the new website he added a team of contributors to share the load and increase the content. He has been a full-time, hyper-realist artist since 1986 (his “real job”). He has witnessed the Evangelical-decline firsthand since the late 1970s and hopes to be a “pied piper” speaking to the confused, hurting, and frustrated people in the Church. Steve says, “We all need to question the so-called experts!” You can see his paintings at Steve and his wife Paulette live in Wisconsin (where he has been featured on PBS) and they have three grown children.

Daniel Long (New York) “Long for Truth” Blogger/Podcaster.

Dan Long lives in upstate New York with his wife Robin and their two sons AJ and Joe. He works as a Messenger for an armored truck company. His hobbies include mowing the lawn and shoveling snow (depending on the season). Dan was born and raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia and attended a Baptist church with his family. Although he grew up in a Christian home he didn't take his faith seriously until he was 28 years old. It was through the ministries of teachers such as John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, and others that he came to understand the true message of the gospel. Because of his exposure to false doctrine in some of the churches he attended he began studying and speaking out against the false teaching he saw and heard. He is currently an active member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Albany New York.

Steven Long (North Carolina) “Long for Truth” Blogger/Podcaster.

Steven was born and raised in the Tidewater, VA area. Like many others in the South he was raised in a Christian home, attending church on a weekly basis. He made a profession of faith in Christ at an early age but during his teen years walked away from the teachings of the Church. At the age of twenty-six he was invited to a Sunday evening service by one of his older brothers. While there he heard the gospel proclaimed, and for the first time understood how his sin affected his standing before a holy and righteous God. He was given the gifts of faith and repentance, thereby calling on the Name of Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins. After becoming a new creation he passionately pursued the study of God’s word and began growing in the Faith and sharing it with those he met. In 1999 Steven met his wife, Faith, and began their courtship. They married in 2000 and began serving in the same church where they both came to faith in Jesus. Faith worked in children’s ministries and Steven worked with drug-addicted men, helping to disciple them. This work began a passion in his own heart to see the laity of God able to understand and interpret the Bible for themselves. One of the great problems that persisted was the false prosperity teaching that seemed to take hold of new believers. He began to research some of the claims these teachers were making so that he could combat their heretical teachings. He and his brother, Daniel made a concerted effort to publicly expose these teachers. The Long for Truth blogs was conceived and launched in October 2012. Today, they are still exposing the crazy, whacky, bizarre, and downright blasphemous things being said and done in the Name of Christ.

Landon Mosley (Texas) “Infinite Progress” is Landon’s YouTube channel. Landon is a crane operator by vocation who began his Christian faith through the televangelistic work of John Hagee in 1997 where he flew out to San Antonio to meet Pastor Hagee personally after his conversion. Landon began attending a local charismatic megachurch in Ohio called Solid Rock ( which was a church associated and affiliated with Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church. Landon then moved to a oneness church (which means that the church principally denies the doctrine of the trinity and supports a version of modalism) that was influenced by the preaching and identity of William Branham and what his followers called the "end times message." He then moved through a series of fellowships connected with the Church of God Cleveland, TN which was one of the first organized Pentecostal churches in America. Landon eventually found the true gospel restored by the Lutheran and Protestant Reformation. Some of the most influential theologians that helped him in his conviction of the Reformation theological distinctives were R. C. Sproul, John Warwick-Montgomery, Francis Schaeffer, Michael Horton, John MacArthur, Ken Jones, Al Mohler, Nancy Pearcey, Gene Edward Veith, Steve Brown, Craig Parton, Marvin Olasky, and Ronald Nash among many others. Landon has a background in diverse expressions of modern Evangelicalism ranging from the charismatic to the seeker-sensitive, to those that emphasize a heightened end-times focus. He hopes to encourage and strengthen those who seek the gospel rooted in Scripture.

Jorge Rodriguez (Georgia) “Faithful Stewardship” Blogger.

Erik Pederson (Australia) “The Outback Berean Podcast” podcaster.

Amy Spreeman (Wisconsin)
Amy is a writer and researcher of the modern day apostate movements. In 2010 she helped launch and host a radio program on an FM Christian station about discernment. She is the owner/founder of Berean Research, as well as Naomi’s Table, a Bible-based program for women. She also has a blog at Pirate Christian Radio, Berean Examiner
Raised as a Unitarian Universalist, she dipped a toe into the Catholic waters just long enough to marry her husband. After the couple came out of her, they warmed the pews of several “seekermergent” churches before God saved them through hearing and believing the Gospel rightly preached.

Anthony Wade (New York) “828 Ministries” Blogger.

Anthony Wade is a 50 year old former minister for the Assemblies of God. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Education. He also completed the ministerial credentialing process for the Assemblies of God and was a minister for them for several years before turning his credentials in 2016 over the AG embrace of several renowned false teachers. He has operated 828 Ministries for ten years. 828 Ministries is a discernment ministry exposing false teachers in these last days so that some might be freed.

Brian Zagnoli (California) “BezelT3” YouTube Channel.

Brian has been a very consistent amatuer video maker on his YouTube Channel for over ten years.